Teacher Training

NZGSE is committed to a blend of high academic standards and strong practical experience for teacher education. We believe that there are scientific principles that can be applied to teaching and learning. There are many different ways to teach. To choose the right way for any student or class, a teacher needs to be constantly monitoring progress to see if learning is really taking place.

Our students are teacher interns

We call our programmes ''teacher intern' programmes because they are highly practical programmes of professional training for people who already have a degree. We choose to work with graduates because they have already shown that they know how to take responsibility for their own learning. Our training process follows adult learning principles and makes use of the teacher interns' maturity and self-motivation.

Schools are the right place to learn to be a teacher

Teachers around the world confirm that it was their experience in schools that was the most successful part of their training. Our teacher interns spend about two thirds of their time working in schools. NZGSE tutors will be there with them to give immediate professional feedback.

NZGSE's course is competency based

We have a clear set of teaching skills that everyone must learn. As soon as a teacher intern has demonstrated the ability to teach in a range of settings, and has all the competencies of the course, we award the Graduate Diploma in Teaching. People who learn the skills and complete the programme more quickly can start their teaching careers earlier.

NZGSE teachers are ready to teach on day one

All NZGSE trained teachers who complete an NZGSE programme are completely ready to teach on the first day of their teaching careers. They know how to get all students to learn, how to manage classroom behaviour, and how to be a supportive member of the school's teaching team.