Professional Development

The rate of change in education is a major challenge for teachers in their jobs. NZGSE's professional development programme is designed to help experienced teachers cope with these changes by improving their teaching skills.

NZGSE is well-known for its tailor-made school-based courses, especially in behaviour management, literacy, special education and mentoring. Teachers are able to practise new skills in real situations with the support of their colleagues. They become better teachers, more confident and more able at dealing with the changes that are occurring in their jobs.

Teachers want professional development that is practical

When teachers have professional development, they want to be able to use the new ideas and skills straight away. Traditional inservice courses are often too far removed from teachers' daily jobs to lead to any lasting improvements.

Analysis is important

All teachers know the importance of assessing what their students know, and don't know, before they teach them. The same applies to teachers' professional development. NZGSE identifies teachers' needs at the start.

Teachers like to link with other teachers

Teaching can be a lonely job as there are few chances for teachers to really work together. This means that they value the chance to connect with others during professional development.

School-based professional development is best

Professional development works best when it involves teachers who already work together.

We often use the power of mentors

Colleagues mentoring each other as they develop new skills is a powerful way of lifting professional performance. NZGSE personnel have established groups of mentors in many schools.



NZGSE has developed a professional development model called 8People that allows schools to individualise their teachers' professional learning. Go to the 8People website for more information:


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